About us


NETICOM is an investment company focusing on business concepts based on internet and telecommunication technologies.

We believe that most lucrative opportunities lay in local business concepts with global potential and that the most efficient strategy is to take already proven concepts to new territories with critical success conditions. Setting no territorial limits, we concentrate on selected business models with the aim of expanding them globally. Furthermore, we believe that success can only be achieved by creating detailed procedures to ensure quick and cost-efficient expansion to new territories and by fully applying knowledge gained from different markets.

We welcome partners who share our belief in the potential of internet and telecommunications sectors and our vision in capturing it. We look for projects run by young ambitious specialists with skills and dedication.

Besides providing financing, we see our role in bringing additional know-how on the industry and different markets. As a small private investment firm we are able to seize opportunities quickly, be flexible and continually adapt to changing market conditions.

Jaak Roosipuu
Mobile: +372 5048001